“On the basis of bitcoin” – a TEDx talk by Emi Lorincz

“On the basis of bitcoin” – a TEDx talk by Emi Lorincz

“On the basis of bitcoin” – a TEDx talk by Emi Lorincz

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Last year when the premier TEDxHWZ took place, I had the pleasure to address a topic I am passionate about, a topic that relates to the “The Future World”.

The journey of my TEDx talk and especially the subject I chose started probably a few years ago, when I fell down the rabbithole of bitcoin. First, I questioned this invention and was sceptic about how this “magical internet money” could be considered as payment. However as we know denial is the first natural stage on the path towards acceptance of change. 

From denial to resistance, and from resistance to exploration, I spent weeks and months reading about bitcoin and went to my very first crypto meet-up in the winter of 2017, – where I met the ShapeShift team in Zug.

A few weeks later I found myself interviewing for a position being the Director of Customer Support for the crypto-to-crypto exchange, and building out a little team in the heart of the Crypto Valley.

To date I consider myself fortunate that ShapeShift and the team of Erik Voorhees was my introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies in this full-time role.

Since then I continue soaking up facts about the very first cryptocurrency – because it’s true, the more one is learning about bitcoin, the more one is fascinated by it. 

So if you have not started yet, dear #Yapster, why don’t you start today by reading The Bullish Case for Bitcoin or by visiting bitcoin.org?

Currently the price of bitcoin is reaching an all-time-high nearly day-by-day. But it is important that we recognize other values of bitcoin beyond the high return potential. This is what I focus on in my TEDx talk. 

I address the topic of “transaction privacy in the modern age” and that we are currently continuing down the spectrum of full digitalization of our payments, in a very centralized way.

Thankfully when it comes to money – cash and card payments are not our only options. We have an alternative, we have decentralized digital currencies and a payment system that works globally, we have bitcoin.

After familiarizing the audience with the main benefits of bitcoin – keeping in mind that the listeners mostly consist of “no-coiners”, I moved on to depicting a future which I would like to see — more and more people adopting Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention.

I finished my talk similar to the way I opened, with two striking questions, which focused on encouraging you to think more about how much is your privacy worth.

Please take a look at the video here, to see the entire speech.

The choice of my TEDx topic – how bitcoin can be the “Guardian Angel” of privacy in today’s world – shows that I got to the final stage on the path of change, which is commitment. Commitment to help my community understand why this invention not only has the power to safeguard and preserve our privacy, but it is here to democratize finance, help question the status quo and change our mindset.

#Yapsters, please reach out with comments, thoughts and questions relating to this talk or else! 

My dm’s are open. 

Thank you for reading the above and I wish you a happy New Year!


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About Emi Lorincz

Emi started her career in traditional financial services at Morgan Stanley, then moved to aircraft financing at GE Capital and later to commodity trading at Eni. Since 2017 Emi’s focus has been directed towards the ever-evolving world of digital assets and blockchain technology. Bringing a wealth of work experience from the traditional markets and the field of cryptocurrencies, she combines these two worlds to help companies benefit from both.

Dedicated to increasing the usage and adoption of cryptocurrencies, Emi is currently engaged in rolling-out the enterprise-grade solution of security company Ledger, while serving on the council of the Bancor Foundation and on the board of the Crypto Valley Association.

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